Patient Email

At Dryden Regional Health Centre, we recognize that patient-centred care involves support from family and

friends. The DRHC Patient Email Service is a free service that offers the opportunity for loved ones

to keep in touch during a hospital stay. To use the service, simply complete the form below with your

message and the patient’s formal name and room number. Patients are unable to send electronic replies to

correspondence they receive while in the hospital.

This service is not to be used for obtaining medical advice, for urgent matters or as a form of

communication to contact a healthcare professional with general health-related questions.

Volunteers will deliver the sealed email message within 24 hours of receiving it.

Emails received on weekends and holidays will be delivered the next business day.

These messages will be deleted from the system.

Unfortunately, we cannot deliver email messages after a patient has been discharged from the

Health Centre and gone home.


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Important Privacy Information About the DRHC Patient Email Service

  • As Patient Email is not a secure form of communication, please do not send sensitive subject matter.
  • We are unable to confirm delivery of any emails due to patient confidentiality.
  • If a patient has requested that their name be removed from the patient directory, our volunteers will not be able to deliver your email message.
  • If the patient is discharged, your message will be disposed of securely, without notification to you.