Your Donations Mean the World to Us

The Dryden Regional Health Centre relies on the support of local individuals, businesses and friends to maintain the high quality of care people can expect when visiting our facility. In difficult financial times for the province of Ontario local hospitals are becoming more reliant on philanthropy than ever before; the DRHC has benefited from the generosity of so many people over the years to keep our hospital equipped with the best possible equipment, technology and staff.

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Donating online is easy; consider a one time donation, a gift in your will or try monthly contributions – a little goes a long way. A donation of securities or mutual fund shares is the most efficient way to give charitably since the capital gains tax does not apply. Your security or mutual fund donation means a larger donation for the charities you support. It also means a larger charitable tax receipt for you. We utilize Canada; the largest processor of online security and mutual fund donations in Canada. And, we make it easy to disburse your donation across multiple charities.

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There is no donation that is too small and our donor recognition program shows sincere appreciation for each and every penny that is gifted to the hospital. Recent campaigns to support physician recruitment, acquisition of new CT Scan Units, digital x-ray machines, Ultrasound unit and the Inpatient Room Renovations have all been successful because of the value people place on their health care. Donations take many shapes and forms: young children bringing in their piggy banks, staff payroll deductions, estate planning, stock transfers, business donations, community contributions from municipal government – all of these and more reflect the giving nature of the people living in Northwestern Ontario.

If you are interested in learning more about how you may contribute to the health of your hospital we encourage you to contact our Fundraising Manager Chuck Schmitt.

You can reach him via cell at 807-221-8299 or email directly to

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