The Dryden Regional Health Centre is serviced by a team of 16 physicians and 4 Nurse Practitioners in a modern and fully equipped 41 bed hospital; we do have a vacancy in Family Medicine and one in Family/Anesthesia. Locums are always welcome here.

Click the link below for a detailed job description as well as the financial considerations and supports associated with working in Dryden.

General Practice in Dryden

Our Physician complement works in a wide range of environments; we have two General Surgeons on site, 2 full time ER physicians and 2 GP/Anesthetists.

The General Physicians support Obstetrics, Emergency Medicine, Prenatal/Women’s Health, Fracture Clinics, Colo-rectal Screening, Oncology and Surgical Assistance among others; there are many areas to practice and enjoy a career in medicine in Dryden.

The DRHC is also a training site for the Northern Ontario School of Medicine as we host students and students from all years; working with these learners provides an opportunity to obtain a Faculty Appointment with NOSM and be a part of the formative years for future practitioners…sometimes the student becomes the teacher in those sessions :-).

Our Specialty Surgical Services Program offers a year round schedule of visiting Specialists that provide world class care and treatment in our OR theaters. We regularly host Orthopedic Surgeons (hip/knee replacements), ENT, Plastics, Ob/Gynecology, Rheumatology and Dermatology specialists; these services are lined up based on annual referral patterns for the patients we regularly see.

Dryden is a full service four season community that provides many of the amenities found in larger centers; golf, 400 meter rubberized running track, indoor rinks, JR. Hockey, indoor pools/squash facility, 500 seat community theater and so much more. There are over 200 service clubs and community groups offer a little something for everyone.
Dryden Images/Tour of the Town

Could Dryden be a good fit for you?

Contact Chuck Schmitt at (text: 807-221-8299) to arrange a site visit and see firsthand what we are about.