Visitor Restrictions

DRHC is taking special precautions to keep our patients, caregivers, and staff safe.

Following recommendation from Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. David William, the Dryden Regional Health Centre is restricting all visitors to the hospital until further notice.

Exceptions to allow one (1) Essential Visitor will be reviewed by the hospital administration in consultation with out Infection Prevention and Control Lead for a patient in labour, paediatric patient, and any patient at imminent end-of-life.

An Essential Visitor is a support person whose presence has been deemed necessary for the safety and well-being of a patient while they are inside the hospital.

An Essential Visitor can be 1st degree relative( i.e. sibling, parent, child), spouse, identified next-of-kin, Spiritual Care Giver or Power of Attorney.

No other visitors are permitted at this time.

An Essential Visitor may be approved for:

  • A patient who is dying or extremely ill;
  • A paediatric/youth patient;
  • A patient undergoing emergent surgery;
  • Maternity/postpartum patients;
  • A patient with severe cognitive impairments or behavioural issues;
  • Patients with language impairment or a language barrier;
  • Patients requiring education to support a safe discharge;
  • Substitute Decision-makers for critically ill patients; or
  • A patient who is has an extended stay in hospital for 5 days or longer.

All Essential Visitors:

  • Must be actively screened into the hospital. The designated visitors must be asymptomatic. Those who fail the screen will not be permitted to enter.
  • Must be identified to staff and asked to wear a red wrist band. The wrist band will be inscribed with the patient name and room number when visiting an in-patient.
  • Must only visit the one patient they are intending to visit and no other patient.
  • Must accompany the intended patient to the intended department and no other.
  • Must wear a mask while in the hospital at all times. If for any reason an individual is not able to wear a mask, admittance to the hospital will be denied.
  • Must perform hand hygiene when entering and leaving the facility and when entering and leaving the patient’s room.
  • Shall observe visiting hours where indicated.
  • Are not permitted to wait in waiting rooms or other common rooms.

We are currently limiting visitation to one (1) Essential Visitor at a time.

  • Patients who qualify for Essential Visitors may have ONE visitor during the specified times (exceptions excluded).
  • The Essential Visitor shall choose ONE block of time to visit.
  • Essential Visitors cannot attend all three times throughout the day.
  • Essential Visitors will be allowed to alternate who is with the patient as long as the visits remain limited to only ONE visitor at any one time, per day.
  • Only one-time slot a day per patient is currently permitted. Visitation Times – Only one-time block can be chosen
  1. 11 am –   1 pm
  2. 2 pm   –   4 pm
  3. 4 pm   –   6 pm


  • Paediatric/Youth patients – 24 hours, 2 visitors at a time
  • a patient undergoing emergent surgery – 24 hours, 1 visitor at a time
  • Maternity/Postpartum patients – 24 hours, 1 visitor at a time

Visiting Patients at End-of- Life

  • There are no restrictions on the length of stay for Essential Visitors visiting a patient who is at end-of-life.
  • Visits are limited to 2 persons at a time; one of which can be the identified Essential Visitor.
  • The patient must be in a single room.Essential Visitors can contact the Flo Coordinator/Discharge Planner to book a visiting time.

Is it safe for me to enter the hospital?

Yes, the hospital is safe for patients and Essential Visitors. We have taken many steps to ensure the safety and well-being of our patients and those providing care to hem during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Can I visit if I have symptoms of or confirmed COVID-19?

NO.  If you have any symptoms of, or have tested positive for COVID-19, or have had close contact with someone who has COVID-19, you should be self-isolating at home and you should not come to the hospital.


Dryden Regional Health Centre is limiting access to our facilities and conducting COVID-19 screening of all patients and visitors before they enter our buildings including the hospital, Family Health Team and alternate site.

What does this mean for you?  Staff will ask patients and visitors about symptoms, particularly respiratory symptoms, and contact with others.  If you meet the current case-definition (a combination of symptoms and contact) for COVID-19, staff will begin a special infection-control protocol.

These added measures, while important, may increase delays in our already busy hospital.  We appreciate your patience.


The health and safety of all patients, staff and community members is our utmost priority.

All patients and essential visitors will be screened at the entrance to our facility and provided with a mask that must be worn for the duration of their visit.  A mask covers the nose and mouth and helps to protect others from the spread of COVID-19.

Scheduled Appointments

DRHC, in accordance with provincial direction, has wound down some of our clinical activities.  This applies to non-urgent, scheduled care and procedures, as well as ambulatory clinics and mental health and addiction services.

Patients will be notified by their care team if scheduled appointments will be affected and alternative ways to provide care virtually (teleconference or videoconference) will be explored.

Assessment Centre

DRHC’s COVID-19 Assessment Centre is open by appointment only for patients who require testing for COVID-19. Complete the Provincial Screening Tool to determine if you require a test.

Virtual Visitation

During times like these, we understand how difficult it is to be apart from a loved one and know the importance of connecting to patients.  In efforts to help families stay connected during hospitalizations, the DRHC uses OTN and FaceTime technologies to coordinate televisitation for our patients.

Televisitation is the virtual transportation of a patient’s family to the bedside and supports and fosters the important relationship between health outcomes and the psychosocial needs of patients and families.  Please contact the Nursing Supervisor for more information or call Ravin Walker at 807-220-0822 to arrange a virtual visit.

Donations & Supplies

We are grateful to the many generous members of our community who have stepped forward with offers for our staff and physicians.  We kindly request that anyone who would like to make a donation of personal protective equipment contact Katherine Campbell at 223-8201 Extension 2268 or by email at

We are working swiftly to ensure donations that we require and can accept meet national standards for PPE use in a health care setting.

Financial Donations

We are truly grateful for all offers of support at this time. Should you wish to make a financial donation to support Dryden Regional Health Centre’s highest priority needs, please visit our website and click on the “Donate Now” button or contact Chuck Schmitt at 807-223-8201 Extension 2243 or by email at

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