The March DRHC 50-50 take home prize was $93,042! 



Buy your tickets

Tickets will be sold at 5 for $5.00, 20 for $10.00 and 100 for $20.00. Online sales only.

Purchasing your tickets is easy, secure and safe. Proceeds go to the DRHC Digital X-Ray Campaign.

Didn’t get your tix? Check your spam folder and then call Chuck at 807-223-8808.

DRHSF April AGCO Foundation 5050 Rules of Play Template

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The April lottery runs from the 2nd until April 30th ending at 5:30pm CST. Winner will be announced at 12:00pm CST on May 1st.

Dryden Hospital Foundation-AGCO-Foundation-5050-Rules-of-Play-Template:

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