The Dryden Regional Health Centre is currently experiencing much higher than normal demands and volumes of patients across all of our services.

Currently, we are dealing with unusually high occupancy on our inpatient unit; the number of patients significantly exceeds our total number of approved beds in operation. This means that admitted patients may be cared for in alternate areas of the Health Centre including the Same Day Care units. Operating Room procedures may be cancelled to accommodate the increased number of admissions and demands for patient care.

As well, wait times for Emergency Services have increased. All patients attending the Emergency Department for care are triaged for acuity and prioritized for care and treatment.  Individuals attending the Emergency Room should be prepared for extended wait times.

We apologize for any inconvenience and wish to stress that we are working diligently to attend to all patients, emergency and inpatient, with safety and quality care at the forefront.

You can help! If you are feeling unwell with symptoms of a cold or flu, please wait to visit our patients until you are well.

For non-emergent care, individuals are encouraged to reach out to the Dryden Area Family Health Team for an appointment with a Nurse Practitioner (223-7406) or to the Dingwall Medical Clinic to see their family physician (223-2258).

“We want to acknowledge that our staff and physicians are working very hard to deliver services as best as we can, as quickly as possible and safely,” stressed Doreen Armstrong-Ross, Vice-President of Patient Care Services/Chief Nursing Executive. “We apologize that wait times are long in the Emergency Department; safety and quality care remain our focus.”

The Dryden Regional Health Centre appreciates your cooperation as we continue to provide safe and quality healthcare to our community: Care That Works.

For further information please contact:


Wade Petranik

Chief Executive Officer

Dryden Regional Health Centre

Box 3003,

Dryden, Ontario P8N 2Z6

Telephone: (807) 223-8201 Extension 2260