Welcome to our second entry in a series of posts entitled, “Topics, Trends and Transformation”. We are outlining some of the current health care challenges facing us in Northwestern Ontario and today’s topic is “Ending Hallway Medicine”.

Our hospital plays a critical role in delivering high quality care to our friends, families, and neighbours. We’re facing real challenges. Many patients are waiting in hospitals for care they should be receiving in more appropriate settings like long-term care, home or community care.

At any one time, at least ¼ of our patients at the DRHC are waiting for placement in long-term care.

This means we have less room to accommodate a sudden increase in patients like the ones that occur during the winter flu season.

Ending hallway health care is a top priority for the Ontario government and for Ontario hospitals.

While the government has taken some important first steps, there is a lot of work left to do. It will take time to transform the health system.  It’s crucial that Ontarians continue to have access to hospital care as a safety net they can always count on.