Please be advised that the Dryden Regional Health Centre has begun parking lot and walkway snow removal operations.

It’s very important to us to keep our lots well-maintained, safe, and accessible so that those who may need to access hospital services can do so with as little impediment or challenge as possible.

Due to the busyness and nature of the services we provide, clearing snow during the day time hours is near impossible owing to the number of vehicles on site. Unfortunately, waiting until weekends when traffic has diminished, can’t be a consideration when our weather is unpredictable and unrelenting during the winter months. We must be accessible as quickly as possible for those needing care.

Our contractors will wait until after 7:30 p.m. for snow removal when there are fewer vehicles in the lots. We often work well into the night to clear lots safely and quickly.

The Dryden Regional Health Centre appreciates the cooperation of patients, visitors, and neighbours during our efforts to clear away snow.   If you have any questions or comments, please contact Austin Madussi, Director of Facilities at 807-223-8201 Extension 1001.

Doreen Armstrong-Ross                                                    

President, & Chief Executive Officer                                                         

Dryden Regional Health Centre                                         

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