June 6, 2022

DRYDEN, Ontario -The Dryden Regional Health Centre (DRHC) is proud to announce a new program to provide resources and supports to individuals with addictions concerns. The clinic will run Monday afternoons starting May 30, 2022 through the Dryden Area Family Health Team (DAFHT) building located at 40 Goodall Street in Dryden.

The Rapid Access Addiction Medicine (RAAM) Clinic is a collaboration between the Dryden Regional Health Centre and St. Joseph's Care Group in Thunder Bay. The RAAM clinic provides a holistic approach to addictions treatment including supports from nurse practitioners, mental health therapists, and physician support through telemedicine technology.

"The RAAM Clinic is available for anyone with addictions concerns, whether that be for alcohol, opiates, amphetamine, or other substances who are looking for medical support to gain control back in their lives," says Marcel Penner, Director of Mental Health and Addictions Services at DRHC. "There is no one-size-fits-all approach to addictions treatment. Clients can expect a respectful, confidential space to receive help without judgement."

"There is need in the community to provide additional supports to those with concerns about substance use, and the Rapid Access Addictions Medicine Clinic is a great opportunity to help clients find a comprehensive care plan that will help them toward their goals," says Doreen Armstrong-Ross, President and Chief Executive Officer of Dryden Regional Health Centre. "We are proud to offer RAAM in addition to the existing roster of mental health and addictions programming available locally. This is an important addition of services for the community."

St. Joseph's Care Group is the planning lead for RAAM Clinics in Northwestern Ontario. "For anyone living with addiction, having timely access to the right supports closer to home can make all the difference. That's why we're proud to partner across the region for the delivery of Rapid Access Addiction Medicine," said Kelli O'Brien, President & Chief Executive Officer of St. Joseph's Care Group. "For St. Joseph's Care Group, it's fantastic to be a part of a program that helps dedicated people to make a difference in the wellbeing of their community."

The RAAM Clinic will operate with a "No Wrong Door" approach, meaning clients can receive supports for any substance abuse disorder, and be connected with the appropriate level of treatment based on their needs when they are ready to seek
assistance. Individuals can be referred to RAAM clinics through their primary care provider or mental health and addictions services. Self-referrals will also be accepted.

To inquire about the RAAM Clinic or other supports for addictions concerns, contact Dryden Regional Mental Health and Addictions Services at (807) 223-6678.


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