First Laser Procedures Performed Successfully at DRHC

December 4, 2023

DRYDEN, ONTARIO - On November 29 2023, the Dryden Regional Health Centre (DRHC) completed their inaugural Laser Urology procedures which included two Ureteroscopy guided Laser stone removal procedures.

This program expansion aligns with DRHC's surgical model of care that includes care close to home whenever possible, responsible use of resources, and reduced wait times for patients. Planning to bring Urological Laser procedures to Dryden began in earnest in the fall 2020 as part of the regional urology program.

"It is a natural evolution of the program as Lasers offer the gold standard of care for many urological procedures. It has been significant work for the team but is believed to be a worthwhile endeavor as it reduces the need for patients to travel to Thunder Bay for procedures that are of short duration but have a significant impact on patient comfort," says Heather Fukushima, Director of Ambulatory and Surgical Services at DRHC. "We have a dedicated team at DRHC that values our ability to offer this care close to home."

"I would like to acknowledge the great effort done by the local team and the OR staff here in Dryden. This opens the door to being able to offer other laser supported Urological procedures that can effectively reduce wait times experienced in the region," noted Dr Ahmed Sayed Zakaria Ahmed. "I would like to thank all of the individuals involved in this great regional milestone."

"This a great accomplishment for the team and the organization as a whole," says Doreen Armstrong-Ross, President and Chief Executive Officer at DRHC. "Investing in new technology in our Operating Room aligns with our strategic objective to adapt our core services to meet the needs of our patients by offering innovative, high-quality healthcare services to our patients."


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