The holder of ticket number M-5408112 takes home a nice cheque for $50,000 from our October draw. We are so happy for our winners and for our patients and staff that will benefit from this fundraiser. We have raised over $800,000 now for our Digital X-Ray campaign and that is good news for the people we provide care for. It also helps in the recruitment and retention of staff when we continue to provide a facility that is well equipped.

We kick off the November draw on the first. Thanks again to everyone that bought in support of our hospital; it’s been a serious game changer for us during tough times. It would have been nearly impossible to raise funds in the COVID era were it not for this event.

We have been asked if there are plans to continue with these draws and we are happy to report that our application for another year of draws were approved!

Have a safe and happy Halloween everyone.


The Dryden Regional Health Services Foundation