The Cancer Support Team is comprised of a specialized team of health care providers who will introduce you to the support services that are available to you during and post treatment.

Each provider listed is uniquely qualified to support you through your journey with cancer.

Patient Care Navigator:

  • Assist with navigating services and making referrals as necessary
  • Assist with obtaining a parking pass
  • Assist with completing forms, including disability forms
  • Smoking cessation

Counsellor/Supportive Care:

  • Guidance and counselling before, during and after cancer treatment
  • Help manage the emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual effects of cancer
  • Relaxation and mindfulness skills to help decrease and neutralize distress
  • Assist with medical travel
  • Cope with loss, grief, bereavement

Registered Dietician:

  • What to eat to promote cancer prevention
  • How and what to eat when you are receiving cancer treatment
  • What to eat when you don’t feel well
  • Planning how and what to eat to treat, manage and improve health


  • Manage side effects from cancer treatments (radiation, chemotherapy, surgery) and symptoms from the disease itself
  • Understand the benefits of exercise and safe exercise guidelines
  • Stay active during your treatment to help maintain your function and quality of life
  • Connect with other health professionals (e.g. Occupational Therapist)

Registered Nurse:

  • Blood pressure monitoring

We are pleased to offer in person, virtual or telephone appointments to meet your needs.

If you are interested in the services of the Cancer Support Team, please contact the Family Health Team directly at 223-7406 to book an appointment with any of these providers.