Open 7 days per week; provides a comforting atmosphere for staff, customers and clients. Did you know over 90% of the meals are prepared fresh and onsite here at the DRHC?

Dietary Choices

Your body needs good nutrition every day. It’s especially important to eat well when you are recovering from an illness, injury or surgery. Your physician has ordered a nutrition plan based on your individual needs to help you return to normal activities. The following will help you understand your meal plan.

‘Choices’ is a patient-focused, meal delivery system providing well-balanced nutritional, food directly to the patient. Our food is cooked fresh daily by certified cooks working in our on-site kitchen.

Directly at your bedside, and at the three designated mealtimes of the day, you will be introduced to the dietary selections available and asked for your choice of meal including soup or juice, tea, coffee, choice of entrée and dessert. Choices will include two hot entrees for the supper meal, and one hot entrée or a sandwich for the lunch meal.

Standard meals are prepared to meet the specific diet requirements.

Catering Service

Internal catering services available; speak to your nurse or one of the staff in the Kitchen to learn more.

Meals On Wheels Program

DRHC Food Services partner with Patricia Region Senior Services Home Support and Volunteers to provide nutritious lunch and supper meals to members of the community. DRHC Staff Members volunteer their time as well to deliver lunches to Patricia Gardens as part of our commitment to community.

Senior Luncheon Program

DRHC Food Services collaborate with Patricia Region Senior Services Home Support and community Volunteers to provide Social Luncheons at three senior housing complexes in the community.  The catered luncheons encourage seniors to leave their apartments and socialize with neighbours and friends over a healthy meal. People have been breaking bread together for centuries to the mutual benefit of all; why change a great recipe?