What is Palliative Care?

Palliative care focuses on achieving comfort and ensuring respect for the person living with a life-threatening illness or nearing death. At Dryden Regional Health Centre, there are two palliative care rooms that are furnished to provide a home-like atmosphere for the patient, family and loved ones. A reclining chair provides a place to rest if a family member or support person chooses to stay overnight with the patient.

What hospital resources are available to assist us?

A specially-trained mental health counsellor is available to provide emotional and psychological support to the patient and family. Information on death and dying is provided to families as their loved one approaches end-of-life.

I do not want to leave my family member alone: is there someone who can help me?

The Dryden Palliative Care Volunteers offer companionship and support at home, in hospital or extended care facilities, to individuals and families living with a chronic or life-threatening illness. Volunteers can provide friendly visits,relieve care givers for short periods of time in order to allow family members time for other activities, or sit with those who are very ill or in the last days of life. Persons who are interested in accessing the services of the Palliative Care Volunteers should ask the nursing staff to contact the Volunteer Coordinator or call 1-866-968-4454.