It’s August and time to provide a short update on what’s new here at the DRHC; we’re constantly working to improve the patient experience and provide the best care possible. On that note the Fundraising campaign for the CT Scan Renewal Fund is going well; after the initial campaign launch here onsite in March we have garnered incredible support from the community. Of the 1.25 million dollars required over the next three years we are currently north of $500,000 and we anticipate more good news on that front soon. The CT supports so many aspects of patient care in our region…we cannot overstate the importance this new technology will bring to our hospital. Stay tuned for details on that front.

A number of longstanding employees announced their retirements in recent weeks; we said thank you and best wishes to Doreen Grouette for over 40 years of nursing and Shelagh Toews joined the retirement club after 20 years of service in Occupational Therapy. We have welcomed new staff with new hires in Nursing, Housekeeping and Dietary Services; new staff bring energy, fresh ideas and help us evolve as an organization.

With two full time General Surgeons and a host of visiting specialists throughout the year the OR is a busy space and we need to take some time to provide annual maintenance and repair before we ramp up for another busy year. As a result our Operating Room has shut down for two weeks to accommodate an annual thorough cleaning, repair and detailing; it also provides time for staff to take summer vacations without impacting services. Win-Win you might say!

The DRHC is working on a new website and we’re excited to share some of the changes we have made to make your online experience on our page easier; we will be unveiling our new improved site this fall and we think/hope you will like the change. We’re busy on social media too…follow us on Twitter at @DrydenRegional or on Facebook.

That’s the short and quick of it here; we hope your summer is going safe and well. Thanks for reading!