Welcome to the Dryden Regional Health Centre

The Dryden Regional Health Centre is a fully modern 41 bed acute care hospital. There are thirty-one acute and ten chronic/rehab beds in the hospital. DRHC provides a full range of inpatient services including medical, surgical, obstetrical, chronic care and critical care.

Ambulatory services include emergency, surgical day care, specialty clinics, oncology, nurse practitioner and ambulance services. Diagnostic services include a 64 slice CT Scan, x-ray, ultrasound, laboratory mammography and cardiac stress testing.

The Health Centre is also home to physiotherapy, occupational therapy, pharmacy, dietary services, as well as counselling services for; alcohol, case management, diabetes, gambling, youth addiction and sexual assault.

Many of the physicians in Dryden provide obstetrical services. Dryden is part of a network of rural general surgeons providing full surgical service on a twenty-four hour basis. Two local GPs provide anaesthetic services.

Dryden Regional Health Centre values the feedback and suggestions of its patients, their family members, and caregivers.  As such the organization is collaborating with our patients on a Patient and Family Advisory Committee to include the voice of patients and their families and /or caregivers in programs, services, and plans for the future in order to enhance the patient experience.

 DRHC Welcomes Trio of Residents to DRHC

The DRHC is happy to announce that three resident physicians will be joining us for the foreseeable future. From left to right we welcome Dr. Daniel Zimmerman (Queen’s), local physicians Moir and Viherjoki, Dr. Benjamin Stride-Darnley (NOSM) and Dr. Vito Sanci (NOSM). The DRHC and Dingwall Clinic are not only high quality care facilities but excellent teaching environments as well. We welcome these bright young minds to our hallways and look to provide an excellent living and learning experience while in Dryden.

daniel vito ben