As part of our commitment to enhancing quality and patient safety at our Hospital, the Dryden Regional Health Centre is proud to be pursuing the Best Practice Spotlight Organization (BPSO) Designation since 2019.

What is a Best Practice Spotlight Organization?

The Best Practice Spotlight Organization® (BPSO®) designation was launched as a key knowledge translation strategy in 2003 and is targeted to support best practice guideline (BPG) implementation, rapid learning and evidence-based practice sustainability at the individual, organizational and health system levels to optimize clinical and health outcomes. BPSOs have been established across Ontario and throughout the world, in all sectors.

BPSO designation is an opportunity for health service and academic organizations to formally partner with the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO) over a three-year period (four for Ontario health teams) to achieve designation. Following this period, the partnership is renewed biennially, based on the achievement of required deliverables. The goal is to create evidence-based practice cultures through systematic implementation and evaluation of multiple RNAO clinical BPGs.

DRHC started our BPSO commitment in 2019, with five initial projects targeted at improving quality and patient safety within our Hospital:
  • Falls Prevention & Reducing Injury from Falls;
  • Minimization of Restraints;
  • Prevention of Pressure Injuries;
  • Pain Assessment & Management;
  • End-of-Life Care.

Following successful completion of these five projects, DRHC was awarded the BPSO designation in June 2022. As part of our ongoing commitment, DRHC has taken on three additional projects focusing on safety and improved patient outcomes.

Completed Projects

While the official projects have been completed, our team continues to monitor and maintain our standards in these areas

Falls Prevention & Reducing Injury from Falls

  • Post-fall assessments completed by a multidisciplinary team after each fall to assess risk factors and reduce risk of future falls and serious injury
  • Ensuring patients are remaining physically active while in hospital through the MOVE (Mobilization of Vulnerable Elderly) program
  • Patient and family education about fall risks and actions which can be taken to minimize the risk of falls

Minimization of Restraints

  • Review and revise policies and practices related to the use of restraints
  • Incorporate education and training into orientation and annual education on best practices with regards to the use of restraints and alternative interventions.
  • Develop a process to monitor the use of restraints and ongoing engagement to promote alternate strategies to reduce restraint use

Prevention of Pressure Injuries

  • Standardization and implementation of Braden Risk Assessment Tool
  • Development and implementation of wound assessment documentation
  • Interdisciplinary process to identify patients at risk of pressure injury
  • Referral of at-risk patients to Rehab Services and Nutritionists

Pain Assessment and Management

  • Standardization of Pain Assessment and Education for post-operative patients
  • Incorporate education and training on pain assessment and management best practices into orientation and annual education
  • Opioid risk screening for pre-operative patients and interventions in place to support at-risk patients.

End-of-Life Care

  • Review Palliative and Hospice order sets to include a community care pathway component
  • Education and training during orientation and annual education around End-of-Life care
  • Incorporate cultural, values-based and social preference assessments for end of life care to ensure the needs of patients and their families are met.

Current Projects

Interdisciplinary project teams are meeting regularly to identify barriers, bridge gaps, and implement strategies to achieve Best Practice Guidelines in these areas:

  • Preventing Violence, Harassment and Bullying against Healthcare Workers;

  • Patient and Family Centered Care;

  • Assessment & Management of Foot Ulcers for People with Diabetes.

BPSO Project Teams pose with certficate of designation as a Best Practice Spotlight Organziation

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