Ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to produce images of organs, tissues and blood vessels.

DRHC has a state-of-the art ultrasound machine with superior image quality. It is connected to the PACS system and images are assessed by the Radiologist. There are two technologists who do abdominal, pelvic, obstetrical, venous, and small part ultrasound scans.

How do I prepare for an ultrasound?

Abdominal ultrasound:

  • Do not eat for 12 hours prior to exam. Water is allowed, no candy or gum. Medication may be taken with a small amount of water as long as the medication does not upset an empty stomach.

Abdomen and Pelvic Scans or urinary tract (booked at the same time):

  • Do not eat for 12 hours prior to exam. No candy or gum. Drink four 8 ounce glasses of water. Finish drinking at least 1 hour prior to exam. Do not empty your bladder until exam in complete. Your bladder must be full or the exam will be rescheduled to a later date.


  • No preparation is required.


  • Please do not wear turtleneck sweaters or necklaces.

Testicular, breast, extremity or venous studies:

  • No preparation is required.

Male Pelvis:

  • Drink 4 large glasses of water one hour before the appointment time. Do not empty bladder until after exam is complete.

Female Pelvis or Pregnancy:

  • Drink 4 large glasses of water approximately 1-2 hours before your appointment. You must be finished drinking at least 1 hour before your appointment to ensure your bladder is full. Your bladder must be full or the exam will be rescheduled to a later date.
  • A pregnancy scan is a medical examination; therefore results must be obtained from your physician.
  • Fathers will be allowed to view the examination at the end of the procedure. No other persons are allowed in the room during the exam.
  • We do not videotape examinations.

I am pregnant: when will the ultrasound scan be done?

  • Fetal structural assessments are done routinely at 20 weeks by a family doctor with specialized training in ultrasound scanning. You doctor will arrange for the ultrasound to be done. Instructions for preparation are found on the 'Preparation Instruction sheet'.

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