Visits from friends and family can be an important part of a patients recovery.

General Visitation

General Visitation is restricted to two (2) visitors per patient. Children who are visiting must be accompanied by an adult.

NOTE: due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, additional Visitor Restrictions are in place. Please visit our COVID-19 page for the latest information.


Visitors who want to bring pets in to visit must receive authorization from the appropriate manager or nurse supervisor in consultation with the Infection Control practitioner 24 hours prior to the visit. Owners must complete a registration form, available upon request at the nursing desk.

Service animals do not require authorization to enter when accompanied by the owner.

Wild or stray animals, birds and reptiles are not allowed in the hospital.

Additionally, animals are not allowed in the following areas:

  • Surgical suites and Same Day Care
  • Birthing rooms
  • Newborn nursery
  • Food preparation areas
  • Clean/sterile supplies storage areas
  • Isolation rooms

Balloons/Latex Products

Balloons are not allowed in this facility due to latex content or possible contact with latex products.

Fragrance Free Environment

Please refrain from using perfumes or heavily scented creams or lotions. Scented products often adversely affect those with allergies, asthma, migraines and chemical sensitivities. Many find scented products irritating, and a number of people who are exposed to them on a daily basis can experience a variety of allergic reactions.

DRHC strives to ensure the comfort and safety of staff, patients and visitors by requiring a fragrance-free environment.


Parking is available in the front lot of the hospital and in the lot across from the Dryden Area Family Health Team.

Parking fee: $2 payable on enter; there are no time-limit restrictions.


Smoking is not permitted indoors or anywhere else on the hospital property as per provincial legislation; we are officially a tobacco free environment.

The Dryden Area Family Health Team provides individual counseling, 'quit packages' and follow-up to clients who wish to stop smoking. Contact the Family Health Team at 223-7406 for an appointment.

Smoking cessation/tobacco intervention is offered free-of-charge for inpatients, staff and staff family members.

Treasures and Treats Gift Shop

The gift shop is located at the front entrance and is operated by the DRHC Auxiliary volunteers, offering:

  • Gift items
  • Snacks and cold drinks
  • Magazines, newspaper
  • Word puzzle books
  • Toys
  • Baby clothes and quilts
  • Gift certificates

BP.O. Box 3003, 58 Goodall Street, Dryden, Ontario, Canada, P8N 2Z6     x807-223-8200     TTY807-223-8295     * ^

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