Spiritual Care provides confidential care to assist individuals in their spiritual need in the face of illness, fear, discouragement and loss, or threat of loss.

Your personal clergy or spiritual advisor is welcome to visit during your hospital stay or you may request a faith-based service. Our spiritual advisors are men and women from a variety of religious traditions who are specifically educated to:

  • Listen, counsel, pray, provide or arrange for sacraments and ceremonies;
  • Participate and provide leadership in staff and family conferences; and
  • Assist patients and their families concerning relationships and ethical issues.

Please ask your nurse to contact your clergy and/or spiritual advisor to come and visit with you.

Spiritual Care Philosophy

We seek to cherish the inherent dignity and spiritual uniqueness of all persons, regardless of race, colour or creed.

We recognize that the individual experience of illness and hospitalization encompasses not only physical and emotional components, but also spiritual and social elements as well.

We are called to lead persons who are ill to spiritual resources to further the healing process and to help them cope with their present circumstances.

We have a ministry to family of persons admitted to the care of the hospital - to relate to their spiritual needs.

We seek to provide an avenue of communication between clergy, patients and staff.

We have a ministry to members of the hospital staff to support them in their task of caring, comforting and counselling patients and their families.

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