Since 1998, DRHC's Oncology Unit has been providing cancer care services close to home for patients from Dryden and the surrounding area.

Operated by a team of registered nurses and physicians, and supported by numerous allied health professionals, the Oncology Unit has undergone many transformations over the last 25 years.

Starting as a two-chair setup in an old patient room on an "as needed" basis, DRHC's Oncology Department now hosts five treatment chairs with full-time operating hours.

None of this would be possible without the unwavering support of the community to raise funds and support oncology services in the community. Cancer has touched many lives, and with generous community support, DRHC is ensure that many patients are able to receive the care they need close to home during their treatment.

In recognition of the 25th Anniversary of DRHC's Oncology Unit, we have put together a history of how the program at DRHC has changed and evolved over the years.

DRHC Oncology Unit Then-and-Now

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