The Patient & Family Advisory Committee is a team of individuals from Dryden and surrounding area with recent experience as a patient, caregiver, or family member at the Dryden Regional Health Centre Committee.

Members work in partnership with administration, staff, medical staff, Board of Directors, and volunteers to improve quality and safety and to advance the philosophy of patient and family-centred care.

The Patient and Family Advisory Committee focuses on making positive change for patients and families that:

  • Improve patient satisfaction;
  • Improve the quality and safety of the health care system;
  • Improve health outcomes;
  • Improve the patient and staff experience;
  • Foster open, honest and accessible communication.

Committee members serve on other hospital committees and working groups and exchange and generate ideas to positively advance patient safety and quality by:

  • Developing and promoting a collective understanding and awareness about the patient experience and facilitate patient and family involvement;
  • Generating areas of focus and priority and review patient satisfaction data and evaluate methods to help define success of system improvements.

We are looking for patients, caregivers or family members who have experienced care within the past two years and who are...

  • Able to understand that their health experience can help make a difference for others;
  • Able to work well in partnership with others;
  • Able to respect and maintain confidentiality of patient and organization information;
  • Committed, reliable and trustworthy;
  • Good listeners and respect the perspective of others; and
  • Positive and supportive.

Join Us!

If you're interested in joining our team, please contact:

Lucy Nabb
Vice-President, Clinical Services & Chief Privacy Officer

Telephone: (807) 223-8211

TTY: (807) 223-8295

Fax: (807) 223-8628


BP.O. Box 3003, 58 Goodall Street, Dryden, Ontario, Canada, P8N 2Z6     x807-223-8200     TTY807-223-8295     * ^

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